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The New Jersey Labor and Employment Law Blog is authored by Jay S. Becker and Joseph C. DeBlasio, shareholders in the Labor and Employment Law Practice Group, with support from the associates in the Group. It is dedicated to provide news and updates regarding all labor and employment matters throughout New Jersey.

"'Alexander v. Seton Hall University': Refusal To Depart From Precedent Aligns The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination With The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Of 2009"

In a departure from United States Supreme Court precedent, the New Jersey Supreme Court recently ruled that each paycheck resulting from a prior discriminatory pay decision constitutes an actionable act of discrimination under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD). The continuing violation doctrine, however, is not applicable to disparate pay discrimination claims under the […]

Anti-Bias Policy Alone Not Enough To Shield Employers From Liability

A recent New Jersey Appellate Division decision emphasizes that a written anti-discrimination policy, standing alone, is not enough to provide a safe haven to employers from discrimination claims.  In Allen v. Adecco, Inc., A-1708-09 (Jan. 27, 2011), a New Jersey Appellate Division panel reversed a grant of summary judgment and reinstated the plaintiff’s sexual harassment […]