NJ Labor And Employment Law

The New Jersey Labor and Employment Law Blog is authored by Jay S. Becker and Joseph C. DeBlasio, shareholders in the Labor and Employment Law Practice Group, with support from the associates in the Group. It is dedicated to provide news and updates regarding all labor and employment matters throughout New Jersey.

Posting By Employer Regarding Pending Legal Action Can Violate CEPA

In Flecker v Statue Cruises, LLC, the plaintiff filed an action against his employer alleging violations of the New Jersey Wage and Hour Law.  In response, the employer posted a memorandum directed to all employees informing them of the suit.  The memo specifically identified plaintiff as the party responsible for filing the suit and advised […]

Compliance With Wage & Hour Laws In The Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

Whether a NJ employer forced to shut down its operations as a result of Hurricane Sandy, or related event, is required to pay wages for the period of closure depends, in large part, on the classification of the affected employee under federal and state wage and hour laws.  In other words, is the employee an […]